Blue Light:  Is It Good or Bad for Me?

Blue Light: Is It Good or Bad for Me?

March 26, 2019

Clearing up the confusion and misinformation. 

There is a lot of confusion about blue light.  Not all blue light is the same. Its important to understand the differences in wavelength and the critical difference in timing our exposure to blue light. Best time is earlier in the day. 

Excessive exposure to Blue-Violet 415-455nm can be harmful to the eyes, cause damage to the retina and accelerate macular degeneration. These  wavelenghts are found in our cellphones, TVs, and computer screens.  News articles and wellness blogs have recently stressed the importance of avoiding and shielding your eyes from the overabundance of Blue-Violet in our daily technologies. 

On the other hand, Blue-Turquoise 460-495nm is highly beneficial for the human body and brain, especially during the day. It enhances endorphin production, improves cognitive function, resets circadian rhythms, stimulates the pineal gland, impacting longevity and sleep, its good for the heart, and kills surface bacterial infections.  

Even though the pineal gland sits in the middle of the head behind the eyes, it "sees" light. It has photo receptors just like the eyes. The pineal gland, and other parts of the brain, actually require light to function optimally, including blue-turquoise wavelengths. 

DreamSpa uses 470nm, Blue-Turquoise. Additionally the DreamSpa utilizes 670nm, Red. This partcular wavelength of Red light has been shown through independent medical studies to alleviate and repair retinal diseases and injuries, including macular degeneration.  


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