Natural Awakenings - Light The Misssing Link

Natural Awakenings - Light The Misssing Link

February 28, 2013

Bioactive Light is the Missing Link
to Optimal Health & Wellness

You can have:
    the best nutrition 
    the best supplements
    the best genetics
    the best exercise program
    the best doctor
    the best  attitude
      and there can still be a “missing link” to optimal health and longevity.  The missing link is the right kind of Light, and most of us are deficient. We spend most of our time indoors under artificial lights that are not good for us. The DreamSpa System delivers 3 bioactive frequencies that our bodies need and crave.  These frequencies stimulate cellular and molecular repair and regeneration.  This is biophotomodulation, the science behind DreamSpa Light Therapy.

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