Designed to be used over a lifetime. The more you use it the greater the benefts.  Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Increased Energy
Stress Reduction
Enhanced Mood
Brain Optimization
Improved Sleep
Reversal of Jet Lag
Allevation of SAD
Youthful, Radiant Appearance
... and much more!


DreamSpa utilizes 3 of the most beneficial and researched wavelengths:  Blue-Turquoise, Red and Near-Infrared. 

5 Programs:

* includes Brainwave Entrancement®


Professional grade for home or office use

Easy to use with the push of 2 buttons

Lightweight and portable at 6lbs

No unwanted EMFs - powered by clean direct current

Made in the U.S.A. 

2 Year Warranty

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Finacing available- as low as $42 a month!

DreamSpa® Energy Effect

The energy effect of a typical DreamSpa session is captured with true Kirlian photography.  Before the session, low body energy is evident in this Kirlian photograph of fingertips.  After just one session the body is clearly re-energized.

DreamSpa utilizes the body's natural ability to absorb and utilize bioactive light.   The circulatory sysytem and accupuncture meridains absorb coherent light and the fiber-optic properties of connective tissue disburse the light through out the body. The cells utilize this radiant energy to repair and regenerate.  This the most natural form of renewal - from the inside - out!

Customer Testimonials

"Wanted to give my deep appreciation for the DreamSpa. When I purchased it I was having severe health challenges. I can't even begin to express the relief I often experience and the deep nourishing the sessions provide! I use it regularly and especially when under stress and feeling overworked and often refer to the DreamSpa as "my Life savior" 

Jayde Piot, California

"Amazing stuff!I loved it and never felt so good after 30 minutes. "

Angie Jablonski, Illinois

"Love DreamSpa. I used it and experienced a difference from my skin to my energy level. Everyone needs one!"

Theodora Ntovas, Illinois



light System

Deeply rest and relax as you nourish your body with bioactive light.

DreamSpa comes with a 2 year warranty and  90 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you'll fall in love with your sessions and results -
we even pay for return shipping!

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As low as $42 a month!

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