Brainwave Entrancement®

rest & reboot your brain 


profound well-being
deep rest & relaxation
mental clarity

greater focus
improved memory
learning retention
centered calm

the DreamSpa®  Innovation

Combining brain rebooting combined with advanced light therapy. 

Experience 5Hz Theta, the "Miracle Zone"  where the brain can physiologically reboot and repair itself. 

 Provides a tired, stressed brain and nervous system deep rest and renewal.

Emerge relaxed, refreshed, re-energized!

Available with RENEW, BLUE CALM, and BODY RELIEF program modes.

Beta 15-40HZ

Stressed Waves 
When your brain spends too much time in Beta,  your energy, concentration, mood, sleep, weight,  and quality of life can be significantly impaired or diminished.


Calming Waves  
During first 10 minutes of a DreamSpa session your brainwaves are relaxed from Beta to 10 cycles Alpha. This induces a soothing and calming sensation in mind and body. In Alpha your mind quiets and your body relaxes. 


Deep Relief  
During the second 10 minutes of a DreamSpa session your brainwaves are entranced to 8 cycles Theta. Only by drifting into a twilight or sleep state at 8 cycles Theta can your brain enter into profound stress relief and mental clarity. 

Theta 5HZ

Miracle Zone 
During  the last 10 minutes of each DreamSpa session your brainwaves are entranced to 5 cycles Theta. This is the miracle zone where significant regeneration can take place. Your brain is rebooting itself, similar to deep sleep!


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