the Missing Link

to optimal health and wellness

You can have The:

Best Food

Best Water

Best Medical Care

Best Exercise 

Best Attitude

Best PracticeS

...and something is still missing
Its Bioactive light, an essential nutrient

Just as plants need sunlight to thrive,  human beings need the right kind of light;
to maintain health and well-being
...and most of us are deficient.

We spend too much time indoors, under the wrong kinds of lights that deplete us.

According to a recent study by the Harvard School of Pubic Health,
Americans spend 95% of their time indoors.  

The interesting thing is - we know when we are hungry - we know when we are thirsty - we know when we need rest.  But most of us don't realize how much the absence of light effects the functioning of our brain, our cells, our gene expression, our eye health, and so much more.  

We don't notice and we have not been taught.  We have actually been scared away from natural light, by well meaning, but uninformed health professionals.  We are not educated about what kind of light exposure is needed and how much is most beneficial.

Like other living organisms, our bodies we made to absorb and use light on many levels.  

Stimulate celleular and moelcular repair and regeneration with the DreamSpa.
Be sure to get your daily dose of lightamin! 

How Can Light Be So Significant?

All life is powered by light. The Sun is the source of all our energy and we were designed to absorb and utilize light.  According to Fritz Albert Popp, biophysicist and researcher, "Each second, some 100,000 chemical reactions occur in a given cell….light acts as the communicator that makes the reactions happen at the right moment and in the right place” 


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