The Next Generation DreamSpa is
Auragen™ Light and Sound System

With more features:
Synchronized 40hz Gamma 
Light and Sound Entrainment
Music Tracks ...and more
Visit us at our new home at Reversal Solutions

Visit Reversal Solutions

a message from DreamSpa cofounders

We want to express our appreciation to all the devoted and enthusiastic DreamSpa customers of the last 9 years.You are the ones who have supported the DreamSpa technology, verified the benefits, and enabled the DreamSpa to grow.  We are so excited to share with you and the world the next generation, Auragen Light and Sound System, with enhanced capabilties and new features. 


DreamSpa is moving to the next phase with many more exciting additions and innovations planned over the next years. Rest assured that the continuity of leadership, care, and commitment to quality is continuing, as we are  welcomed with open arms to a new home at Reversal Solutions.

We encourage to go to find out more.  Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Yvonne  and David



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