• Recharge Your Cells

    with DreamSpa Light

  • Reboot Your Brain

    Improve clarity, focus and memory.

  • Enjoy

    Greater Energy and Vitality

  • Experience

    Profound Stress Relief

  • Enhance Sleep

    Deeply Rest and Restore

  • Uplift Mood

    Increase Feel Good Endorphins and Alleviate SAD

  • Radiant Beauty

    Beautiful Skin, Hair, & Nails

  • Each Session

    Feels Like an Amazing Power Nap

DreamSpa® Light System

...is like no other phototherapy device, delivering progressive benefits and an amazing experience of renewal.

Reverse the visible and felt effects of stress and aging. 

Increase your energy and vitality, uplift your mood, improve sleep, enhance memory, focus, and mental clarity, experience profound stress reduction, and enjoy radiant, youthful beauty. 

DreamSpa is a safe, natural, and a drug free way to repair and regenerate at a cellular level, from the inside out!

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Easy and Convenient

Professional grade for home or office use.

5 Multiwave programs and Brainwave Entrancement®

90 Day Money Back Guarantee &  2 Year Warranty

Recharge your body and reboot your brain whenever you want!

Easy to use, at the push of two buttons.  Safe for all ages.

Payment plans available - including interest free!

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